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Vinod Khanna’s SHOCKING Look After Sickness

Just a couple days ago, reports developed about Vinod Khanna being conceded in a rural Mumbai hospital last Friday. This sent waves of concern over the social network Be that as it may it was Vinod Khanna’s son, Rahul Khanna, who put the worries to rest.

Vinod Khanna’s SHOCKING Look After Sickness by Allvideoonline

“Dad was hospitalised on Friday for severe dehydration. The situation was quickly brought under control, he’s doing much better and the doctors are looking to discharge him soon. Our family is most grateful for the extraordinary care he’s been receiving at the hospital and we are touched by all the good wishes pouring in,”

However, one picture of Vinod Khanna in hospital has developed on the social media and is going insane viral. In the picture, Vinod Khanna (who is absolutely unrecognizable) is standing with family .

According to a report in The Indian Express, Vinod Khanna is suffering from bladder cancer. The actor’s family is yet to verify the news. The hospital is also reportedly tight-lipped on the health of the actor.



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