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Internship Report On United Bank of Pakistan



Internship report 2011

Internship Report

United Bank of Pakistan

Muhammad Muddassar Muzammal

Virtual University of Pakistan

I.D. Mc100204937

Session: 2010-2012

Course code: Fini619

Date of Submission: 13 January 2012









Scanned copy of internship letter:







When the person does some thing there must be an inspiration behind for doing work. Especially I dedicate my work to my Uncle Muhammad Saleem, from whom I have received a Great inspiration and boost for doing this important work. Also I dedicate this work to my Parents and my Teachers, they guide me and show their confidence on me and realizes me that I’m very capable of doing this work. I dedicate my work to all my friends and colleagues who really help me to perform this work. May ALLAH bless all of them.














Thanks to Almighty ALLAH for His blessing that I’m able to perform the internship program effectively and efficiently. I’m very thankful of my Instructor who gives me enough knowledge about the taking of internship program. I’m thankful of my Uncle also from whom I have been able to perform the internship program. I indebted to all my colleagues, friends specially staff of the branch, without their help I would not be able to learn and perform well in the period of my internship learning. Every person in my branch gives me special attention and guides me every time whenever I asked them.












Executive Summary:

This is an internship report regarding the introduction of UBL and their products and my learning and understanding during my internship program.

It starts with the brief introduction of UBL along with the business sector of the bank and bank’s future plans. The banks complete range products are mention. Organization’s hierarchy chart and a brief introduction of all departments in which I performed. Comments on UBL’s structures are given at the end of this section.

In the Later part I described about my learning in my internship learning session and a brief introduction of my place of internship. I give detailed information about the works which are assigned to me, and my performance and learning in my internship learning session.

The Ratio analysis of recent three years of bank is given in this second last section of report. The ratios and their formulas along with the Bar charts are performed and give comments about the performance of BANK in Recent three calendar years.

In the End I briefly evaluate the Organization according to my learning, and concluded my views about the UBL, the last part of last section tell you about some suggestions and Recommendations for bank.













Introduction of Organization…………………………………………………………………8

History of the Bank………………………………………………………………….8

Business Volume…………………………………………………………………….8

Hierarchy of Organization……………………………………………………………9

UBL Complete range of Product…………………………………………………….10


Plan of Internship Program………………………………………………………………….11

Training Program…………………………………………………………………………….12

Ratio analysis…………………………………………………………………………………17

Future Prospects of Organization…………………………………………………………….31
















Introduction of Organization

History of the Bank

The bank has the great history of excellence in the banking sector for more than five decades. It came into being in 1959 and first branch launched in Chandighar. The banking history is full of success and innovations. It is the first bank who lunches the overseas branches in 1963. UBL always gone step by step with the information and technology and introduces computer banking in Pakistan in 1971. The bank took part in the success of every field of life throughout his history and always considers the benefits of the customers first. By keeping the trends of innovation the bank introduces the first UBL Credit card the UNICARD also the first bank to have an Islamic banking divisions in Pakistan. The bank was privatized in 2002, and afterward the BestWay and Al Ayaan collaborated to the today’s standing bank.  UBL successes with the new vision for the 52 years with the flourishing history and now ranked in the world’s larges financial services group.

Business Volume:

Business assets and liabilities, shareholders detail as per audited annual report of UBL 2010.

 Amount in Rupee 


Share Capital                                                                         12,241, 798

Reserves                                                                                 21, 688, 637                           

Total liabilities                                                                       630,369,914   

Total Assets                                                                            698,784,979





Audit committee . , Board of Directors.,   (2011) Annual audit report 2010., retrieved from the site.,

Hierarchy of Organization



UBL Complete range of Product:

UBL has the vast range of products and offering products for both cooperate and retailing sector in Pakistan

RETAIL BANKING PRODUCT:                                                                                    

Deposits and commercial products;                         LOANS AND CARD;

UBL Business partner–Current account                                UBL Cash Line

UBL business Partner Plus- Current Account                        UBL Address- Home Finance

Foreign currency term deposit certificate                               UBL Drive- Auto Loan

UBL First Minor Account                                                      UBL Agricultural Loan

Rupee transactional account-PLS Saving account                 UBL Small Business- SME Loan

UBL Uniflex                                                                          UBL Sillah Mila

UBL Unisaver                                                                        UBL Credit Card-Chip Credit Card

Certificate of Deposit                                                             UBL WIZ- Prepaid Debit Visa Card

Shopping Card

Music Card

Foreign currency savings                                                        UBL WALLET- ATM Card



CORPORATE PRODUCTS:                                            

Corporate Finance;                                                              TRADE;

Loan Syndication                                                                   Documentary Letter of Credit

Structured Finance                                                                 Documentary Collection

Term Finance certificates.                                                      Funds Transfer

Credit Extensions                                                                   Investment and Cash Management

Over Drafts and Demand Drafts                                           Current and PLS accounts.

Working Capital Finance                                                        Cash Collection

Import Financing                                                                    Utility Bills collection

Receivable discounting                                                          UBL OMNI







Plan of Internship Program:

I started internship at the Ghulam Muhammad Abad branch of UBL which is under the hub of

Bank Square branch the immediate vicinity of the area of Ghulam Muhammadabad because this

is the biggest colony of Asia also there is existence of branches of all most all competitor

commercial banks of in the same bazaar. I started my internship from 14th of November 2011

and ended at 27th of December 2011.


There were 12 Employees in the branch the branch were covering the waste area of commercial.

There is Cash department in which two Cashiers were Working and one supervisor, also one

RBO which deals with the Cash over the counter and Account opening operations, A CSR, very

old and kind employee of the bank  and serving the bank for almost 40 years and is very

experienced efficient, deals with the Clearing of cheques and delivering of cheque books and

ATM Cards. A CSOM is operational manager of the branch deals all the operating works

Performed in the branch. I mostly worked with the retail banking department and also works

with CSR, and learned the clearing procedure.


When I entered in the branch I feel shy and hesitated from the environment but when I met with

the manager of the Branch I feel confident because the manager is very kind and courteous, after

words I met all the staff all were very cooperative and kind It Was a Great place

for me to learn all the workings of the branch Specially knowing the retail banking operations.

The big advantage of this branch was that it was not yet converted to the Symbols, it was still

using the system of UNIBANK2000. This means that in UNIBANK system the ATM is

balanced daily manually, also many other works Which are not yet changed to the new symbols











Training Program:

This was my first Practical training in any field. I was greatly blessed by all the Staff members from branch manger to a cashier. This Six months period of internship is full of work and learning. Following is the details of works assigned to me, and I performance in the bank.

I have mainly learned about following fields:

The Account opening procedure, Evaluation of customers, know the types of Accounts maintained by the banks. The Cash Over the Counter for foreign remittances. The balancing of ATM cash just for UINBANK System branches. How the DD’S over drafts transferred, UniRemote, and Starting of the Day with ending of the Day procedures. The daily transitioned the documented sheets which are maintained by the branch.

Types of Accounts:

UBL Basic Banking Account:

In this type of account minimum of two withdrawals and deposits are allowed per month and free of charges. If customer do more transactions above the mentioned limited then the flat fee is charged as per rates are prevailing according to bank policy. This account is free from Levy charges in case of not meeting minimum balance requirements.

UBL Business Partner Account (Current Account):

UBL offers our regular customers unlimited deposits and unlimited withdrawals and minimum credit limit of 10000/-. If reduced the amount from this said limit, the 50 rupees per month should be deducted from the account unless these are charges are exempted in any case. The Business Partner Account offers the net banking services plus UBL WALLET and PREMIUM CARD and other existing products.

UBL Business Partner Plus: (current Account):

UBL offers unlimited Withdrawals and deposits. With the exemption of service charges, while maintaining the minimum balance of 25000/-. The ATM and other charges are free according to this UBL Business Partner Plus (current Account).

Opening of an Account:

The beneficial products for commercial banks are their accounts and their different types. In my early Days in the branch I learned the retail banking and their procedures. It was really a Great experience for me first days I watched the officer with great attention and noted all the essentials for opening of an Account.

UBL is Bank of everyone. The UBL offers accounts which are suitable for every person in any field. Either person is a middleman or a business man or a salaries person, a house Wife or a Student or a minor child overseas Pakistani, he /she will receive benefits and outstanding services. Because UBL where you come first.

When I learned then my officer tell me to deal with customers for sometime. It was actually the learning for me; I dealt different customers, when I was in point where I did not understand the Officer guided me well.

Opening Form:

The UBL opening Form is designed according to the advancements in the technology. It consists of Five PAGES; three pages are about requirements of customers and information of customers to be filled in. The two pages are contains the information of accounts, terms and conditions for accounts rules and regulations charges and banking policy for the customers acknowledgement. UBL has centralized process of opening an account. Means we collect Data from the customer, and scanned them and submitted to CAPS a tab in the site.

Type of accounts and currency dealt in;

The Different types of accounts are given in this section of AOF. First of all understand the customer, why he/she wants to open an account, and then describe his needs according to all eight types of accounts also outline all the features of the accounts to the customer and tick to the mail box of account which customer agrees.

Ask customer about the type of currency which he may deal with, most of customer dealt in PKR, which means Pakistani Rupee. Tick the relevant box of related currency type.

Nature of account:

Choose the desired nature of account, while individual or joint account.

Particulars of Account;

In this sections the Title of account mentioned, from whom the account is recognized following with the Secret word section, in which minimum of Six digit secret word is entered, which is told by the applicant, this is for the security of the account, usually mothers name is entered, and used to verify from customer on phone. After that Mailing address for mailing any thing, next is permanent address of the customer according to CNIC of the customer’s E-mail address is mandatory for e-statements and Net banking. Then Active mobile number placed fro mobile banking facilities. The all fields should be filled properly any necessary item should not be missed.

Personal information:

In this Tab the personal information of Applicant is placed of (Single/Joint Account) .First of all, the name of applicant and then father’s/ husband’s name. Gender section tick one of the box of either male or female .Following comes Marital Status, tick one of the box from, Married, Single and others, if others please specify the status. Following are Nationality and Residential Status. Afterwards CNIC no. or NICOP or ALLIEN REGISTRATION no .comes, behind it CNIC no. and its Date of Expiry placed. Last column f the form contains the occupation detail.

MINOR’S Account information:

Nest Page starts with the section of minor’s Account. In this section: The minor Applicant‘s and his /her Guardians information is placed.

Business Account:

This block is filled if the Applicant wants to open A business Account. In this block person’s Account Title Followed by Companies Name, Afterwards Nature of the business. Date of commencement of business. Mailing Address of Office of Dealing, and then Permanent Registered address, accompanied by Tehsil/District and City information is below these columns. Email Address and Fax number is Also mentioned.

Additional Information:

Existing Relationship wit the customer:

If the applicant have any other existing relation with UBL, then mentioned here .

Existing relationship with other banks; the Applicant have relationship with other banks if any.


Describe the customer about ATM and its fields. Then ask customer about the need of ATM Card and its specifications. Enter the customers Name in the field, and options of Supplementary card options ,if customer later want to issue card then fill it with relevant information.

Zakat Deduction:

The PLS account holders can directly Pay Zakat from their account.

Other UBL products:

If customer needs other UBL product, then ask and fill it.

Operational Instruction: This is for Signing Authority of Account; either Account is single or

jointly performed.

Special instructions: if any, are registered here.

Statement of Accounts;

When Statements of accounts needed, monthly weekly , half yearly of yearly

Account Referred by:

Either customer walk in. or referred by any other.

Terms and Conditions:

The terms and Conditions about account opening and bank policies are detailed mention here.

Indemnity and undertaking; in this part the customer admit that he/she is agree with the UBL policies, and consider as a Part of UBL.

Signature Specimen Card:

The SSC is maintained with the bank, this is to verify and get record of customer’s original signatures in the bank’s record. Whenever needed the bank have SSC to verify customer’s signature in any inconvenient situation

Cheque Book Requisition Card:

The completion of filling of Form, this form is filled whether to mail cheque book or HOLD for collection.

Letter of Thanks:

A letter of Thanks is dispatched to the customers mailing address, actually it is to verify that the customer is actually lives in that address or not.

.Customer Documentation:

The customer’s original CNIC with photocopy, also in centralized process of AOF, there is need of documentation prove of source of funds from the customer are needed.

Completing the Account opening procedure:

The form filled and then legal and required documents are received from the customer. All the documents including customer’s CNIC copy, documented prove of Source of funds with AOF completed. The Soft Copy of All these documents are uploaded to the CAPS. After the approval of account, the account is opened from Karachi, headquarters.

ATM Balancing Procedure:

The balancing of ATM is maintained in those branches maintaining the UNIBANK 2000 system. The branches which are converted to SYMBOLS have no need of process of ATM balancing.

The cashier put cash in the cassettes of ATM Machine in early morning. Then the Role of previous days off line and online transactions is given to RBO. The RBO check the role, and mark those transactions which have icons of withdrawals and approved together, put offline transactions in the system and updated. The online transactions are checked through the list and role provided from the ATM Machine.

The Cash remaining in the ATM machine should be balanced daily. The figures are matched that how much cash is uploaded in the ATM machine, and how much remaining in the ATM.

Cash Over the Counter

The COC is used for the encashment of the Foreign Remittances. The amounts which are transferred to UBL from different countries are enchased through that procedure. The following details are required from the customer, the Original CNIC with Copy. The supervisor asked the customer from where the remittance received and who send.

The payment is only given to those persons who provide the name of sender and receiver along with the original CNIC.


These are the online transfer of cheques, or cash rupees to one branch of the bank to other branch of the bank in all over the world.

Demand Drafts:

It is very Secure and fast way of paying Remittances to other cities. The account holders customers and Walk in people both are able to avail this ability from the UBL, but the charges are different for Walk in Customer and account holder of the bank.

Pay Orders:

PO’s is the quick way of paying your remittance within one city. There deposited to any branch and then forwarded to the clearing process, within A day the amount transferred.


The online facility of depositing cash in any branch of UBL in all over the Pakistan,the charges of Uni remote starts from 290 to 360 approximately.

Daily Transitioned Sheets at Start of the Day:

When the day starts the following works are mostly done by the RBO. First of sheets are completed, like

Major Withdrawals: the withdrawals made by the customer in previous day, over one million are noted here, in the sheet, after completing signatures of supervisors and manager. It is filed.

Daily customer transactions: in this sheet all the daily customer transactions are noted, after signing it is also filed.

Subsidiciary Ledger:

It is also Called 110. It is also completed daily.

Daily Over Rides;

 it is completed daily also.

The operational Works at start of the day:

The checking of opening of cash, How the cash counter is opened , how the cash is put into the counter, the opened cash , is recorded in the registers, the CSOM make sure that the cashier will not take unsorted cash. The cameras and metal detector and other electronic instruments are working properly.

Ending the Day:

In end of the day the “QUIEMATRIC” which is token a machine, we check its time and it makes all the day. The cash is closed at what limit, and how much sorted and unsorted cash left in the locker, noted in the relevant Registers.

















Direstors., the information retrieved from that URL




Ratio analysis:


  1. Net Profit Margin= Net income/Revenue *100
Year 2010 Year 2009 Year 2008
Amount in —000—rupees Amount in —000—rupees Amount in —000—rupees

=29.90 %






Chart no.1


Interpretation: The Net Profit Margin for 2010 is higher as compare to the years 2009 and 2008. The NPM for 2009 is slightly low as compare to the year 2008. This is because the economic conditions for Pakistan changed very fastly.


  1. Gross Spread Ratio= Net Mark up income/ Gross Income.
Year 2010 Year 2009 Year 2008
Amount in —000—rupees Amount in —000—rupees Amount in —000—rupees







Chart no.2

Interpretation: The Net Mark up income for the year 2010 is greater from the last couple of years. This is because the company is growing at a rapid at, and receiving more mark up ratio as compare to gross income.










  1. Non interest income to income ratio= Non Interest income/income
Year 2010 Year 2009 Year 2008
Amount in —000—rupees Amount in —000—rupees Amount in —000—rupees

= 57.04%

= 11419571/14034501





Chart no.3

Interpretation: The non interest income for the year 2010 is lower as compare to the years 2009 and 2008.








  1. Spread Ratio= Interest Earned/ Interest Expense.
Year 2010 Year 2009 Year 2008
Amount in —000—rupees Amount in —000—rupees Amount in —000—rupees

=2.53 Times


=2.17 Times


2.17 times


Chart no.4


The interest earned is 2.5 times greater as compare to the interest expenses. The ratio is als higher for the year 2010 as compare to the recent years. This shows that the bank is strivivng towards success and controlling their expenses very well.







  1. Return on Assets= Net Income/Total Assets.
Year 2010 Year 2009 Year 2008
Amount in —000—rupees Amount in —000—rupees Amount in —000—rupees







Chart no.5

Interpretation: The ROA for the year 2010 is lower as compare to the year 2009; this is because of Flood in Pakistan faced by our country. The 30% area of the country is swearly affected by flood; So The Bank would not Able to cover back the ROA ratio.








  1. DuPont Return on Asset Ratio = (Net income /Sales)*(Sales/Total Assets)
Year 2010 Year 2009 Year 2008
Amount in —000—rupees Amount in —000—rupees Amount in —000—rupees

( 59331761/698784979)

=1.59 %








Chart no.6

Interpretation: this Ratio is also increased during the calendar year of 2010.










  1. Return on Equity=Net Income (after tax)/ Shareholder’s Equity.
Year 2010 Year 2009 Year 2008
mount in —000—rupees Amount in —000—rupees Amount in —000—rupees




= 8445251/47121165



Chart no.7


The ROE for the year 2010 is greater as compare to the recent years.









  1. Debt ratio= (Total Liabilities/Total Assets)
Year 2010 Year 2009 Year 2008
Amount in —000—rupees Amount in —000—rupees Amount in —000—rupees



=90.16 %


= 92.04 %


Chart no.8


The Debt Ratio is almost same from year 2009, and year 2010. The total liabilities are above 90 percent of total Assets. Which are increased during year as compare to the year 2009, but lower from the year 2008.







  1. Debt/Equity Ratio= (Liabilities/ Equity)
Year 2010 Year 2009 Year 2008
Amount in —000—rupees Amount in —000—rupees Amount in —000—rupees

=10.47 Times


=10.68 Times


=12.12 times


Chart no.9


The liabilities are above 10 percent as compare to the equity. The ratio is slightly lower from 2009, but is higher in 2008.








  1. Advances/Deposits Ratio
Year 2010 Year 2009 Year 2008
Amount in —000—rupees Amount in —000—rupees Amount in —000—rupees



= 71.9%




Chart no.11


The Advances to the deposits Ratio is above 60percent for the year 2010 but is lower from the years 2009 and 2008. This is because The bank did not give too much advances.







  1. Operating Cash Flow Ratio= Cash Flow from operation/Current Liabilities
Year 2010 Year 2009 Year 2008
Amount in —000—rupees Amount in —000—rupees Amount in —000—rupees

=19.83 %






Chart no.12


The Cash Flow From Operating Activities to current liabilities is greater in year 2010 and much lesser in 2009 and 2008.








  1. Dividend Per Share= Dividend over Period /Number of Outstanding Shares
Year 2010 Year 2009 Year 2008
Amount in —000—rupees Amount in —000—rupees Amount in —000—rupees

=Rs. 4 /-


=2.5 /-

= 2


Chart no.13


The Dividend per Share is significantly increased in year 2010 Due to the overall Good business activities of the bank.









  1. Earning Per Share (EPS)= Net Income /Number of Outstanding Shares
Year 2010 Year 2009 Year 2008
Amount in —000—rupees Amount in —000—rupees Amount in —000—rupees

=Rs. 9.12 /-






Chart no.14


The EPS for the year 2010 is greater from previous years. This interpretation and increase in earning per share shows that bank is growing towards success are a rapid rate. Its profit is also increased more that 25 percent from recent calendar years. i,e,. 2009.





  1. Price Earning Ratio = Market value of Share/EPS
Year 2010 Year 2009 Year 2008
Amount in —000—rupees Amount in —000—rupees Amount in —000—rupees

=Rs. 7.48 /-


=Rs.7.07 /-


=Rs.4.48 /-


Chart no.15

Interpretation: The Price Earning Ratio for the year 2010 is increases significantly from past years.

Note: The recent audited annual report published by UBL is of 2010. The report of 2011 is not published yet.

Audit committee., Board of Directors.,(2011) Annual audit report 2010., retrieved from the site.,

Audit committee., Board of Directors.,(2010) Annual audit report 2009., retrieved from the site:

Audit committee., Board of Directors.,(2009) Annual audit report 2008., retrieved from the site


Future Prospects of Organization:


UBL is not only working for the corporate sector, but it also working for the development of ordinary man by facilitating himself by various program. The UBL is looking forward for the better of low income people especialy. Recently UBL has developed small business schemes. Als ogood rates accounts for ordinary pepole and Businessmen. The UBl Recently issues the Perdais Card, for free foreign remittencce, Also issueing many other WIZ cards for students, House Wives, and children.

The UBL is growing at a rapid rate not only in Pakistan, but also in UAE and sojme european countires. UBL make banking easy and comfortable for an ordinary person. It is the most relaible bank, where you come first.














The UBL is growing rapidly in the banking sector in Pakistan. It has currently largest Online branches in urban areas , and also developing its structure in rural areas too.. As the technology Advances the UBL also making it self fast and accurate in coming years the UBL is looking for the better infrastructure in banking in Pakistan. As the World is going forward towards technology and advancements, the UBL also going step by step with all the organizations. It has a good banking Structure, and very fast and effective network.iconcluded that it is the good banking for rural customers as well as urban customers, there are need of areas to be established and worked.

My Experience during internship was great and full of learning. I learned A lot from the GMAbad branch.All the Staff members give Great respect and honor, and every person want to teach me whatever he knows. And know when I made my internship, my mind cleared all the duobts which I left during my internship.











The UBL official Website and information is retrieves from that URL:




The overall organization is very good and results oriented, but I feel there is a need of improvement in some areas.

There is not so much strictness about works the employee’s performed. Every one not want to do his work properly, he always take interests in others work. There is not an equal distribution of work, according to the designation of the Employee.

If there is proper checking of work of the employees then they would be very efficient in their work. Lack of facilities to the employees, take the employees mind to their private and they will not be able to perform well.  If proper facilities are providing to them and they have no tension of child feed, then they would be able to work efficiently.

All the members of Staff are not motivated by the seniors. The attitude of Staff is not good with the customers. There is a Need of improvement in the attitude of the staff.

UBL boosting from its privatization, but after that there is not so much care is taken, as it was expected. The Organization is creeping towards success, but the competing organization from UBL is running towards success. IF UBL make policies according to the customer needs and customer affordability then, the bank will successively run in towards new age. The online System of the bank should improved, it is much better in urban areas, but very poorly operate in rural areas.

The service charges are too high as compare to other Commercial banks. The interest margin is also increased, because the customers are receiving more mark up with less installments that why UBL’s credit section is not, profiting effectively.



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